5 Self Defence Accessories everyone should carry

Walking around alone in the middle of the night can be scary – especially for women. There are many smartphone apps that helps alert our friends, family or even the police. In this article we will show you a few personal safety devices can ensure peace of mind and help us deal with a difficult situation.

Rechargeable Stun Gun

A stun gun can be used to temporarily debilitate an assailant with an electric charge. Disguised as an innocuous object, like a flashlight, it also has the advantage of taking the attacker by surprise.

How to Use: Use enclosed charger input to 220V power, and out-plug input to the stun gun, the indicator will be on. Be sure to fully charge the unit for 12 hours before the first use to maximize battery life. Push toggle switch up for the lighting, the toggle switch is pushed down to the bottom, pressing the electric switch, you can use electric shock.

Stun Gun


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Expandable Iron Baton

This baton is easy to carry and easily extendable with just a flick of the wrist. It can be used to hit an assailant and fend off attack.

Iron Baton


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Pepper Spray

In cases of absolute emergency, pepper spray is an effective detterent in a close encounter. Designed to be easy to carry and discharge, it requires caution as the spray affects all those in the vicinity and not just the immediate assailant. Make sure you read the usage guidance before use.



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Personal Security Alarm

This security alarm can help draw attention to yourself if you ever feel threatened. It is immediately audible to anyone in the vicinity, and can bring you the help you need. More of a preventative device, it can at times deter the probable threat enough to leave you alone.

How to Use: When confronted with an intruder or attacker, just pull the Key chain to activate the alarm. The high 120 dB continuous beep from the alarm confuses the intruder & also draws attention from people around. To stop the alarm, simply insert the keychain back into the slot. Can also be used when trapped in a lift or in emergency medical situation to draw attention from people around.



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Steel Knuckles

These steel knuckles would work well if you have some prior training in martial arts or boxing. They make your punches all the more striking and can cause some serious damage to an attacker.

Steel Knuckles


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  1. Inform the cost of each one

  2. What is the cost of 5 self defence Accessories item wise to choose which one to buy????

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  5. How much the cost of 5 Self Defence Accessories everyone should carry? Please mention them separately so that I can order them.

  6. Need pricing of Stun Gun, Pepper spray and steel knuckles. Also how to order. Is it COD? ThanX

  7. What is the cost of these 5 Self Defence Accessories everyone should carry?
    Please mention them separately and the source so that I can order them.

  8. What are the prices and how to procure?

  9. Self Defense equipment is good for ladies and also for gents too.

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  11. Send me the price of all five

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  17. send me the price of all the items


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  22. they appear useful, however first fix ur mind set, practice delivering spontaneous aggressive reponse, to be successful in using them and saving you, you need to develop courage to use them, which most people lack.
    Above is specially true for Indians never been exposed to any sort of martial skills.

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